3 Irrefutable Ways To Remove A Bad Habit From Your Life For Good

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have somethings in our lives that can be quite a negative influence. Here are 3 irrefutable ways to remove those things, bad habits, from our lives for good and get us going down that path to fulfillment and better energy.

1. Practice Good Habits More Often

When we feel the urge to become negative, the best thing to do is to force yourself to be positive. The same thing goes with practicing good habits versus bad habits. When we know that we are doing something that is detrimental to our development and progress, the best thing to do is to find the complete opposite of that habit and practice that. Developing good habits eventually drowns out the bad and brings your life into a better place.

So how do we develop good habits? When we consider something to be bad for our lives whether it is eating too many sweets or hanging around the wrong type of people, maybe it is even simply being lazy or avoiding clean habits, whatever it is, think of what you can do that is opposite of this. Eventually you will find that doing the opposite means practicing good habits to keep you feeling happy. Change is just right around the corner.

2. Invest Time Elsewhere

Investing time elsewhere means finding something that keeps you busy and your mind pre-occupied with other thoughts besides the bad habits. Eventually, by staying busy, you will notice- or not- that you do not perform these habits anymore. Your life has changed for the good. But remember not to become so busy that you neglect relaxation or spending time with loved ones.

Instead when you find yourself idle, think of activities you can do with loved ones, or relaxation activities that are good for your overall health influence you in a positive way. Examples include catching up on good reads, taking walks or enjoying an activity that keeps you motivated to get your day going in a positive way.

3. Just Say No

Saying no to yourself is also a good way to kick a bad habit where it hurts. When you find yourself feeling like you want to pick up on an old personal trade that you have been trying to nip, say no. As the saying goes “old habits die hard” yet you don’t have to let them conquer you. Instead, let them die slowly if that is what it takes. Saying no can be a good start.

So what can we do? Ask yourself what are some of the bad habits you have, old and new. Write them down. Perhaps ask others close to you what they feel you can work on. Let this be an encouraging reminder to help you move forward in your life. Whenever you see yourself doing something that you have written down or something that your loved ones have warned you about, think about how it makes them and yourself feel and say no to yourself. By doing so, you jumpstart your way to forming better habits in life.

So whatever bad habits you might be dealing with, think of ways to discourage yourself from allowing them to take over your life. From staying busy with more important things in your life, to writing down habits and practicing the opposite, these can get you on your way to removing bad habits for good.

Do you have any bad habits you’re trying to remove from your life? Tell us!

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