Watch What Happens When This Toddler Violates Military Protocol

When you are a child, your parents are your whole world. They are the ones that feed you, love you, and protect you. So when a child is separated form their parents, it takes a large toll.

Cooper is just a toddler, but he has experienced long periods of time without his parents. His mother and father are both in the military. First his father was away, and then his mother. And now Cooper is ready to do anything he can to keep his family together.

Cooper’s mother returns home from Afghanistan. They are standing in formation in a gym when she sees Cooper. She hasn’t seen him in 9 months and Cooper has had enough.

Totally ignoring military protocol, he runs toward his mom and jumps into her arms. This touching moment was captured on tape and quickly grabbed the heart of its spectators. And the best part is, this wasn’t even the first time this has happened!

Watch this video to see Cooper’s reaction when he sees his mother and please SHARE this to make someone smile!

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