3 Sports That Improve Your Outlook And Make You Feel Better

Exercise is a very important part of our lives and without it, our health is at jeopardy. We are not meant to sit down and be couch potatoes in front of the TV, munching on food the whole day. We need to start realizing that health will not come to us running; we need to work really hard for anything we want in life. Now, along with sports comes the sense of feeling better and it could change your outlook of life or maybe exercise and health.

This is why we should not underestimate sports and the positive effects they can have on our lives. Try to ensure that you incorporate it in your everyday life, whether it is just a 15 or 20 minutes jog or a full one hour cardio/weights workout.

The Power Of Sports: Improve Your Outlook And Make You Feel Better:

1. Soccer

Soccer is one of those sports where you get some good exercise as well as build some team work skills. The team work skills founded in soccer is beneficial and could be applied to other aspects of life too. Soccer can help improve your outlook of team work and where life could take you.

You might ask. “Well how are they related?” I would answer that soccer, just like any other thing in life, involves winning and losing; failing and succeeding. This can act as a reminder that we will always be faced with both situations in life and that could result in you feeling better about yourself and your current situation. Interesting, right?

2. Squash

Do you guys know what squash is? No, it is not the fruit; I am talking about the sport. Yes, squash is a racquet sport that involves two or four players. It takes place in a four-walled court and is played with a small rubber ball. Believe it or not, you could sweat even more than playing soccer.

As opposed to soccer, squash is a sport that could be played as individuals and the area of play is not as big as a soccer field and thus requires more running and less standing or walking around. So even though the court is much smaller, you still need to run a lot and depend on yourself.

Thus, since this is an individual game sometimes, you learn to make the right decisions at the right time and not rely on others. Failing to make quick decisions could result in you losing a point or the whole game. Finally, developing such skill of being self-dependent can take you long ways and make you feel better.

3. Baseball

We have talked about a sport which involves mostly team work and a sport that involves individuality. Now, let us take a peek at baseball. I am sure you all know what baseball is so let us get into the main point. Baseball involves batting, pitching, as well as catching the batted ball and thus eliminating the other team’s members.

For batting, you need to depend on your own skills and intelligence. Whereas for catching the ball, it is more like the whole team that needs to come together and cooperate to succeed. So this is a good sport to practice both the individual skills as well as the team work skills.

Overall, sports could possibly improve your outlook on life or exercising at least and make you feel better about yourself by learning more and building on previous skills. Thus, find the sport you most enjoy and start engaging in it.

What sports are you into? Tell us about them below.

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