3 Ways To Overcome Your Fears So You Can Pursue Your Passion

Fear is something that is present in all of our lives, even though we might all have different fears. It is something that can limit our performance and potential and can cause us to stop halfway and not reach our goals. However, it is important to realize our fears and do something about it. We need to muster enough strength to fight our fears because our fears are what keep us still and not moving.

As Mahatma Ghandi put it, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” This is a powerful quote that inspires us to mirror whatever we want to see in the world in ourselves; to start with changing ourselves to the better. We need to have the initiative to change and develop ourselves to be better. Do not be afraid to pursue your passions and things that interest you.

Here are 3 ways to overcome your fears so you can pursue your passion:

1. Become Aware Of Your Fears

One of the keys to becoming and being able to overcome your fears is to be aware of them. If you do not know what your fear is, then how are you supposed to work against it and prevail? You need to know that the problem exists so that you can start implementing your techniques and solve the problem of fear. No one wants to live with fear in their lives; something that gets to them and causes a lot of problems and discomfort. Sit with yourself and brainstorm all the different incidents and things that could pose a threat and qualify to be a fear. After you know this your journey of overcoming the fear begins.

2. Act With Optimism

Are you an optimistic person? Do you look and extract the positive aspects of events or do you focus on the negative parts only? Having a fear is not the end of the world; it is a common thing that is present within us. A good way to implement positivity in life and in the context of our fears is to have a positive resort when it comes to negative situations in general. What you could do is think of anything that is positive whenever you visualize or think of your fear or something that gives you such thoughts.

3. Tackle The Root Cause

All fears rise from a root cause. Whether it is a fear of risk, a fear of height, or a fear of public speech, you need to try and find the root issue. This will help you identify the main problem and will be effective in overcoming your fear and eventually pursuing your passion that you so desperately want to succeed in. It might not be easy and direct to find the main cause of your fear, but with some consistency and perseverance, you could find it before you know it.

Overall, in order to overcome your fears and pursue your passion, you need to be aware, identify, and tackle the fear directly by confronting it and not be afraid to fail. It might not be easy to hit the bullseye, but with enough dedication for improvement you will get close.

What are you passionate about? Please share in the comments below.

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