How To Start Living A Life Free From Fear

Living in fear can keep us from moving ahead in our own lives and affect those who care about us most. Fear, gives rise to many other emotions that keep us from really living. Here are 11 steps on how to start living a life free from fear. Whether it means taking risks, starting small or embracing life and deeply evaluating what it is that you are really scared of, learn to live free from fear and live a happier and healthier life. Here are 11 steps to start a life free from fear. Check it out and you will realize that fear free life is what you need to achieve your goals and dreams:

1. Take Risks

Learn to take risks as long as they do not impede your life in a negative way. When an opportunity for something good presents itself in your life learn to appreciate it and see it as an adventure worth your time. Not all risks are going to lead you down a wrong path. Start thinking positive and open up yourself to learning something new.

2. Adjust Your Attitude

Often fear is based on our emotional state. Learn to adjust your attitude. Try seeing things differently. Look for possibility and do not focus too much on negativity. While change can bring many emotions and it is okay to embrace them, we do not need to continue to let those emotions keep us in a bad state. Allow yourself to go with the flow of things but resist becoming a victim traumatized by fear.

3. Take Baby Steps

Sometimes taking baby steps at first can make all the difference. If you live in constant fear, learn to take small steps in an opposite direction. Even small steps can be courageous. Celebrate your small accomplishments and motivate yourself to keep on going.

4. Think Outside Of The Box

Learn to think outside of the box. All those ways you are used to doing everything, try and accept changes as they occur. Take small steps at first and focus on the way they may be benefiting you. Really learn from these experiences. You can only learn so much when keeping yourself on the inside- away from it all. Try reaching out and fly.

5. Replace Fear With Hope

Replace fear of the unknown with hope. It doesn’t hurt to have a little faith sometimes. Not everything will end in disaster. You never know unless you try. The better your attitude is going into something the better chance you have at actually succeeding at it. Have hope that you nothing will fail. Even if you do not have the outcome you had wished for, at least you had the spirit needed in order to get through it and that should be what drives you the next time you try something rather than fear.

6. Evaluate Fear

Evaluate your fear, why are fearful in the first place and what is it that you are scared of? Sometimes having a deeper understanding of the bigger picture helps us get through the roughest of times. Do not let your feelings hold you back. Understand where they are coming from and how they may be deterring you from living the life you would rather live. Maybe you fear reprisal? Maybe you fear rejection or just not getting a response at all. Or maybe your fear is rooted deeper into events from your past. Whatever it is, know that you are bigger than your emotions and you can conquer them if you really wish to do so. So live courageously and find yourself winning.

7. Learn To Trust Yourself

Learn to trust yourself more than anything else. Sometimes fear is rooted in the fact that we have no faith in who we are. You can do what you put your mind too. Sometimes it might take long and sometimes you find that you rather be somewhere else. Learn to trust yourself and be courageous once again. But remember, sometimes it is we, ourselves that may be getting in the way of us pursuing our passions. Dig deep and find that inner strength that you know you have within you. Move away from that wall you have built and learn to trust the more profound you.

8. Stop Stressing And Worrying

Stop stressing and stop worrying about everything from the past to the present and future. Let that built-up stress go. No need to worry about something if you have not even tried it to begin with. Focus on happiness and let that be your shining guide.

9. Let Go Of The Past

Learn to let go of the past. Why be anxious and worried about something that has already happened? Let the past go. For all good reasons, the past should be left exactly where it is. Often shame is a product of fear and our past can be embedded with shameful memories that we often run from on a quest to ignore. While shame is a part of learning it does not have to be a part of our present circumstances. Sure we learn from history- our own history and that of others before and presently with us. But ever wonder if history would have been different if slight or even big changes were made to begin with? Do not let past revelations keep you from pursuing current dreams. Let go and let live.

10. Embrace Life

Learn to embrace life. Life is what you make of it and the more you love it the more you see its benefits. When an opportunity arises for bettering yourself, embrace it. When an opportunity arises for experiences something new and rewarding, embrace it. When an opportunity arises for meeting new and inspiring people embrace it. Embrace everything that has meaning for you and move forward. When in doubt, try and understand and move on. When something does not go your way have no fear that it will always be that way. There is always an opportunity for different results along the way. Just learn to embrace life fully, treating each event as a means for progress. Laugh and smile. Enjoy and celebrate. We all make mistakes so why worry?

11. Control Your Imagination

And of course, learn to control your imagination. Sometimes what really holds us back is when we think too much about how things can go wrong and not enough about how things may benefit us. Many of us are very visual beings and often we may imagine scenarios in our heads- how they can go completely wrong. We let this be a sort of guiding tool to keep us from taking steps. Yet do we take the time to really think about how it can all go so completely right? While visuals are great references, sometimes our imaginations can keep us from really moving beyond fear. Train your mind to think and see outcomes positively because yes, you can do it.

Stop letting fear creep up on you and learn to live a life full of hope and goodwill. Let fear be a thing of the distant past, and live life fully, benefiting from its natural graces. Embrace life and enjoy it when you can. Learn more about yourself along the way and be able to breathe again.


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