3 Greatest Things I Learned About Life From Living Abroad

life lessons from living abroad

From living in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, we can learn so much about life by living abroad. Wherever your journey takes you, remember to keep your eyes open. You are experiencing life beyond borders- an adventure that can last in your heart for a lifetime!

Below are 3 of the greatest things I learned about life from living abroad. While the list can definitely continue, making connections, understanding the world and enjoying the experiences are some of the things I can certainly say I learned the most!

1. Communication With Other Cultures Is A Wonderful Experience

Living abroad is a great way to really get to know others outside of the culture and society that you were brought up in. Although with globalization people move and shift to new areas of the world, living outside of the space that you consider your home can be a great way to learn from others and change your perspectives on how you see the world.

Finding friends and acquaintances wherever you decide to go can really open your eyes to different and exciting experiences. Besides that, everyone has a story and the more time you actually take to sit and listen to others, the more you begin to understand not only about them and where they are coming from but also about yourself. Communication breaks down boundaries and opens bridges to connect.

2. The World Is Big Yet Small At The Same Time

We live in a big world! With more than 7.7 billion people and so many beautiful and breathtaking landscapes, there is so much to be explored. Yet from living abroad and really speaking with others perhaps you begin to notice how also very small it is. For instance, women sometimes experience similar struggles globally and youth search for identity in preparation for adulthood no matter where they may be living.

Although it may surprise you, the connection you have to let’s say maybe a rural farmer in Vietnam, is probably bigger than you might have expected. Living abroad really opens your eyes and embrace your neighbors in shared humanity. It is like really opening your eyes for the first time.

3. Life Is Exciting, Full Of Unique Experiences

Living abroad also makes you realize when you really think about it, how exciting life actually is and how much is it full of unique experiences and surprises. You do not have to go to India to have a spiritual journey or some far off place to spend time in isolation. Rather, moving anywhere around the globe you can begin to realize how exciting things can be.

After all, you are far from home and enjoying something new! How thrilling and adventurous can that be! What you make of it really counts. Make sure you go out, learn, connect, experience in as many ways positively as you can. Taste the local foods, enjoy the local celebrations and dance. Trek the local landscapes and test your language knowledge with local people.

Bring a journal, a camera or something else to capture these experiences and when you do find yourself back home, take them out and remember.

Smile to yourself. One of the shared human purposes in life is to experience it. You, as an international traveler have gone above and beyond and made a journey into the world further than most can even imagine.

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