15 Killer Characteristics Of Truly Great Friends

Ever heard the quote “good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget?” Well if you have friends that you love and cherish, respect and honor than this quote may really speak to you. Good friends are indeed hard to find, especially in a world where we are increasingly taught to be more individualistic and less concerned about the needs of those we love.

Here are 15 killer characteristics of truly great friends. From laughter to having consistent fun, a great friend is the best medicine for life!

1. They Make You Laugh When Laughter Is Needed

When we feel the sun is no longer shining, our friends are there to make us feel better. They make us laugh when laughter is needed and find humor in everything. We share jokes with them that only they can understand. Because of the constant happiness, there may be others you envy our friendship or find inspiration in it for how relationships with people should be.

2. They Are There For You When You Need Someone To Talk Too

When you need someone to talk too, your friends are there for you- ready to listen and ready to talk. They offer that support when you need them most. Whether you simply want to talk about your day or some exciting news or are feeling a bit down and want to talk about that, your friends are who you call. When they need someone you are there for them too. With your friends, you are able to open up and let everything flow.

3. They Never Forget Birthdays And Other Important Days

Your friends are also reliable and never forget your birthday or other important days you all share between yourselves. They plan and you all share in intimate and memorable gatherings. You have pictures as proof of your cherished moments together. They always have something fun planned and you can count on them to make it big.

4. They Have Your Back Through Thick And Thin

When everything seems to fall apart, you can count on your friends to be there for you regardless of what is going on. Through illness, death, relationship struggles, or graduating from college, buying your first home or traveling the world, your friends are always there to encourage you along the way.

5. The Memories You Share Are Strong

We share strong memories with our friends – memories filled with laughter, smiles and tears. Sometimes you reminisce about these memories and it makes you all feel good and grateful to have people who have always been there for you. Your memories are not superficial, they mean so much to you all and are the type of memories that you can speak about with your own children someday.

6. They Are Genuine

Your friends are absolutely genuine- you find them perfect in every way. You do not fear nor stress that they will ever abandon you because you know that your bond is stronger than anything. Your friends give friendship its true meaning and that is what makes you so proud of them.

7. No Judgment

Your friends always insist on a no judgment zone. While they may offer you advice or gently scold you about something you may have done, they do so in love because they worry about your wellbeing. But when it comes to passing judgment on things you do or have done in the past, they do not even tread in such waters. They want you to do well and want to protect you but they realize that we all learn in from our own ways. They engage with you in a positive atmosphere and that is enough to realize your mistakes.

8. They Respect You

Your great friends respect you and you respect them as well. Respect is a key element of your relationship and it is what has made your relationship last thus far. It is what brings you all together especially in a world that tends to be so tough. You can always count on them to give you that respect you deserve.

9. They Are Trustworthy

You can also always count on them in terms of trust. Your friends are trustworthy and you have no need to worry. Have secrets? Your friends keep them and you won’t hear about them from others outside your group. They are your confidants. You are quite lucky to have someone to trust!

10. They Love You For Who You Are

Great friends love you for who you are and realize that you have your ups and downs and that you nor they are perfect. But for them, you are a perfect friend and that is why they keep you around. The love of a friend can be deep. Finding ones who love you no matter what is what really makes a great friendship strong.

11. They Are Honest

Being honest is hard! But your great and closest friends are comfortable enough to be honest with you about everything from how your clothes look- if you ask- to how you things may be going in your life or theirs. Great friends believe in honesty and their honesty should push you into a positive direction for your life.

12. They Are Never Jealous

Jealousy is never good and your friends know that. If you succeed at something or vice versa, no one is mad- why compete? Rather they congratulate you, are truly happy to see you happy and encourage you to keep on heading forward. For your friends, no one is prettier or handsomer than the other, no one is better. You all bring something to the table and that is all that matters.

13. They Have Similar Values To Your Own

One of the most important ties that keep friends together is having similar values. You and yours share values and this may be what has brought you together in the first place. Whether religion or other morale, this is what comforts you- knowing that you have friends who agree about what matters to you all most.

14. They Look Out For Your Best Interests

Good friends also look out for your best interest and therefore you look out for theirs as well. You encourage them to go for gold and they do the same for you. You all serve to motivate each other and this is why you find yourself experiencing levels of success. What is best for you, is best for them and what is best for them is best for you- a cycle process perfect for your circle of amigos.

15. You Know Everything You Do With Them Will Be Great Fun

And lastly, you know everything you do with them will always be great and amazing fun. Even simply just sitting around is fun when you have friends to do it with! There is really no down moments between you all- you find yourself always up to something. Embrace these moments while you can! Because a good friendship is hard to find. Learn to forgive them when they make you upset the same way they would do for you and embrace their company when they come around. Remember that you are lucky to have people by your side. We should be grateful for these big blessings.

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