A Grandfather Has A Special Surprise For This Soldier When He Gets Home!

I love family traditions.

My family has a lot of them, and some are bizarre. For example, every year on Christmas morning we all get together at my grandparents house. My grandmother makes homemade cinnamon rolls and my grandfather makes oyster stew. That is what we eat for breakfast – cinnamon rolls and oyster stew. My friends always thought it was disgusting when I told them about it, but I didn’t care. Every year for as long as I could remember I got to sit around the table and eat that strange breakfast with my family, and I loved it.

My grandma passed down her secret cinnamon roll recipe to all of the grandkids. We would take turns making them with her. There is something so special about a tradition that is passed down through generations.

One very prominent family tradition that you often see is joining the military and fighting for our country. I have met many people who are fighting because their fathers fought, and their fathers before them. This video captures a beautiful moment that shows the tie that a military family can have.

Watch this video to see this touching soldier moment and please SHARE this with someone who has a family member fighting for our country!

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