She Gave Him A Home, And He Gives Her More Than She Ever Expected!

Love spreads through generosity. People giving up their time, energy and resources to help one another. It can happen in small ways and big ways. But in every case, it makes the world a little better.

Love spreads through generosity. It can happen in small ways and big ways. Click To Tweet

This mother is the epitome of generosity.

In her adult life, 120 foster kids have gone through her home and taken shelter under her roof. Can you imagine what that means to a child? A child who is left alone, without a family. She gave love and support to so many children that had not felt that before. And now it is time for her generosity to be returned.

This mother is the epitome of generosity. Click To Tweet

She found herself in need of a kidney transplant, and ended up with a very special donor. A donor who would do anything for her, because she has done everything for him.

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