Watch What The Doctor Gives To This Mother. I Can’t Imagine How Much It Meant To Her.

mom gets good news

Murilo is just a baby. He is warm and cozy nestled inside of his mother’s tummy. His mother loves him very much – he can feel it. She talks to him. She sings songs to him. He can feel her hand when he kicks.

They go into the doctor to get checkups. Murilo can feel instruments searching for him as his image shows up on the screen.

“What does his nose look like?” his mother asks. The doctor tells her and she smiles.

Murilo can feel her happiness. He knows his mother is putting an image together in her head. She has been blind since she was 17 and cannot see the picture on the screen. But she longs to see her baby’s face.

Unexpected tears that represent a pure and deep happiness... Click To Tweet

The doctor hands Murilo’s mother a gift and she begins to cry. Then sob. Tears that represent a pure and deep happiness.

You won’t be able to keep the tears back. Watch the video to see what the doctor gives Murilo’s mother, and please SHARE this with a mother that you know! #countingthedays

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