This Adopted Man Is Surprised When He Learns He Was Stolen

I’m always fascinated to read about other people’s adoption stories. This is very close to my heart, because I have my own adoption story. When I was six months old, I went to live with the people that raised me.

Fortunately for me, I was able to know my biological grandparents and brother. While I never developed much of a relationship with my biological mom, I did have a chance to meet her.

Some adopted children are not as lucky as I was. They have to search out their birth parents to learn the truth of who they really are.

This news story was very touching to me as this man learns the truth about his mother. To his surprise, his mother did not give him up willingly. Rather, he was stolen as a baby.

What joy for that momma to hold the one she thought she had lost forever. You will be in tears at the end of this reunion.

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